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In our experience, upholstered furniture manufactured before 1995 is of much higher quality than that designed and manufactured at the speed of modern technology. So before you buy new, it's worth considering whether you should renew your old furniture and extend its life.

we have
the solution

Furniture refinishing is a great solution to give your favourite piece of furniture a second life that will last you for many years to come. Thanks to our wide range of fabrics, we can offer you a variety of solutions for refurbishing your furniture to suit both your taste and your interior.

advantages of restoring your furniture

preserve memories

Without changing the shape of the furniture, it is surrounded by new fabric and the worn-out upholstery is replaced with a new one.

use modern fabrics

When refurbishing furniture, you can follow the latest production trends and use fabrics from the latest collections.

restore functionality

If furniture mechanisms have failed, we can refurbish or replace them so they can continue to perform as intended.


  • Fabrics replacement
  • reupholstering
  • Furniture mechanism replacement
  • Rebuilding furniture
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