Car Seat refurbishing
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refurbish your
car interior

We refurbish and reupholster all types of car seats.

We also re-glue car ceilings and change steering wheel material.

We offer different types of materials that are resistant to UV exposure, water, seawater and other external environmental factors.

not only

We offer not only upholstery and packaging replacement for your car, but also for the following equipment:

  •  Trucks
  • Tractors
  • Buses
  • Water transport
  • Motorcycles
If you have another idea, we will be happy to expand this list.
How much will it cost?

As each case is individual, the exact price can only be determined by looking at the individual vehicle.

The factors behind the cost are:

  • Condition of the seat
  • Complicity of the seat
  • Material costs
  • Complicity of montage
  • Amount of seats to be refurbished
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For approximate costs, send a picture of the interior to:


We will make all the necessary calculations and determine the costs for your needs.

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